Friday, January 24, 2014

Secret Coupons on Amazon

I discovered something new on Amazon!  Maybe some of you already know about this, or maybe it doesn't exist other than where I found it, but I still wanted to share this with you all!
I have been debating about getting a Clarisonic face brush for months!  As some of you probably know they are quite expensive!  After researching some cheaper alternatives, I found the Olay Pro X Advanced Cleaning System.  It had many good reviews but was still pricey to take a chance on... $40 at Target.  However when I looked on Amazon they had it for $18.99!  I thought that was a great price!

Now onto my discovery - this item had a $3 off coupon!  I saw it in tiny print near the description of the item:

See where it says 'Clip this coupon' at the bottom of the screen shot above?  That's all you had to do and the price went down to $15.99 at checkout!

So now I will be checking for these on everything I buy at Amazon!! 

Now I am just going to share with you how I got this for "free"!  Maybe you will be able to too!  It was very easy:  I had $8 of an Amazon gift card I earned through Swagbucks (click here to learn more).  Then the remaining $7 something I paid for with my Cash Back Bonus through Discover.  Maybe your credit card has rewards too!  I am also a member of Amazon Prime, so I get free 2 day shipping - it's great!

Tell me what secret coupons you've found on Amazon below!

**Unfortunately Amazon changes prices quickly so this item is no longer $18.99, however the coupon is still available but act fast because it could be gone soon too!

Note: I am not affiliated with any brands, I just like to share my deals so you can benefit!

Monday, January 20, 2014

70% off e.l.f. Eyeshadow

Got these babies at Target tonight for 70% off!  See, good things come to those who wait... I've had my eye on these since before the holidays! 

The biggest was only $4.50!! Go to your Target ASAP and see what you can find! :)

FREE Physicians Formula Mascara!

Today's Deal is this FREE after rebate Physicians Formula mascara.  It is part of the new Sexy Booster line of products and has the most adorable packaging!  Click here for the rebate form and to learn more about how to get yours!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

FREE Clearasil Daily Clear Refreshing Superfruit Item

Just wanted to share this offer I just discovered!  I will be doing this one for sure because who doesn't love free?!

Go to to learn more!

All you need to do is purchase the item, send in the rebate form, UPC from the item, and your receipt to get this totally FREE!  Haven't found a good rebate in forever!

Let me know if you plan to use this offer, have a great day!

Note: I am not affiliated with any companies, I am just sharing awesome deals so others can try them out! :)

Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale

The best thing about Victoria's Secret Semi Annual Sale is that it falls at the same time as my mom's birthday!  Why is this great?  Because they always send her a $10 off any purchase coupon for December and January!  And she always gives it to me!  So not only do they have great deals but I also have a great coupon to use!

They had their lotions, body sprays, body washes, etc. (all normally $12) on sale for 3 for $15 or 5 for $20.  Obviously the 5 for $20 is the better deal but I really do not need 5 of any of those items!  (In all honesty I don't even NEED 3, or really even 1... but I WANT them ;)

So with my $10 off I only had to pay $5 and change for what would normally cost $36!  86% off :D
That works out to about $1.67 each!

I must brag a bit... even the cashier was impressed!  Love when that happens!

What did you guys get at this year's semi-annual?

Here are some photos of what I got, in case you're interested!

Deep Berry Body Butter
Sun Blissed Body Wash
Sky Bright Body Spray
All smell amazing!!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Francesca's Collections

If you haven't heard of Francesca's then you need to google it now!  If you've ever wanted to know my style just look at their website or store and that is my dream closet!

Now onto their deals!  You know that my favorite store would have to have great deals :P

This is just a quick post on a few items I got, I happened to shop 2 days in a row (oops-y!) so this is what I got the second day.

First off they were having additional 30% off sale items and I LOVE when they do this!  Seriously it is my favorite thing!

These super cute earrings were originally $14.  Which I would never pay but for many girls that isn't a bad deal at all!  But then they were on clearance for $4.98!  That would be a great deal on its own, but add on to that 30% off and they were only $3.50!  75% off :D  

The day before (when I was also at Francesca's, a different location though) I bought the matching necklace.  So I was really excited to find these to complete the set!  (The necklace was about 70% off)

The next thing I spotted last minute at the register.  It was technically a Christmas item but to me it is not Christmas-y.  It is this adorable frame ornament!  But it doesn't have to be an ornament, it can just be a mini frame :)

I just loved the vintage look of it and pretty flower on the top.  It was originally $8, marked down to $4.98, then extra 30% off bringing it down to $3.50.  That's only 56% off, but sometimes you have to settle for a lower percentage on low priced items.  Anything that costs less than a cup of coffee is a great deal to me though!

Hope you had as much fun after Christmas shopping as I did!  What was your best deal?  Share it with me!