Thursday, December 12, 2013

Buy More, Spend Less

Today I went to Ulta, armed with multiple coupons and knowing they had a sale going on.

I may or may not have another post about Ulta to come... don't judge me, that store is awesome.

Anyways back to today! What I had:

-$5 off any two Almay cosmetics.  This AMAZING coupon is available through Swagbucks (learn more back here).
-$1 any one Cover Girl cosmetic item (from the newspaper).
-$5 off a $10 purchase, get yours here.

Ulta has been having buy one get one 50% off all their drugstore brand cosmetics for a while now, I feel like they do this sale a lot since their prices tend to be about $0.50 more than say, Target.

At first I was just going to get the 2 Almay products and use the Almay coupon.  If I would have done that I would have spent: ((6.99*50% off) + 7.99) - 5 = 6.49

So then I thought, well that doesn't really make sense because if I spend 3.51 more I can use my $5 off $10.

So THEN I remembered about my Cover Girl coupon.  I found an eyeshadow trio so my total came to: 6.49 + (4.99 - 1.00) = 10.48 - 5 = 5.48
Full price total: 19.97 (I got 73% off!)

By buying the eyeshadow I actually SAVED a dollar... crazy right?  I knew I'd done well when even the cashier was impressed! 
The prices in the picture are determined based on what my receipt said, I'm not exactly sure how they decide how much of each coupon gets applied to each item but thats what I looked at.

I got: Almay intense i-color eyeliner in black pearl, Almay intense i-color shadow stick for hazel eyes, and Cover Girl eyeshadow trio in golden sunset.

Now use the links above to get your coupons and GO get some deals!  Don't forget to tell me about them in the comments too!

Happy Shopping!

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