Friday, December 6, 2013

Ulta Haul!

Ok so I may be exaggerating a little when I say "Haul"...  I may watch a little too much YouTube.  Who doesn't?  But I have been so excited to share this deal with you!  I used one of my rules of thumb and combined a sale with a coupon... little did I know I would actually be combining TWO sales with a coupon!

Everyone loves a good surprise, especially at the register.  I am still not sure why Ulta decided to have two promotions on the same products at once, but hey, I'm not going to complain!

On to the deal:
I knew all Maybelline cosmetics were 40% off at Ulta (this was a one day deal I saw through email).
I knew I had a $3.50 off $10 coupon (standard in the Ulta ad, which can also be found online).
What I did not know was that all Maybelline cosmetics were also buy one get one 50% off!

Any of those alone you know I would have passed, but all three together?  Meant 68% off for me!

And now for a break down of what I got!  Hope you enjoy and are inspired to check your local ads this weekend!  P.S. even though store emails can be annoying, they are a great way to find out about limited time offers!

I have been searching for something to cover up under-eye circles with no luck so far.  Several YouTube makeup gurus have recommended this so I have been wanting it.  But at $8.99 I just could not justify it for myself!  After all my savings were applied, I only paid $2.84 for it, perfectly acceptable!


Yep, good things come to those who wait.  And boy have I ever been waiting!  Baby Lips came out well over a year ago but I got my first one last Christmas.  Ever since I have been dying for more colors, and I've been looking for sales almost all year, but I will not pay $4 for a lip balm, so no more Baby Lips for me... until now!  These are the other reason I ran to the Ulta sale!  After all discounts they came out to $1.25 a piece!  That is well worth it considering a plain old chapstick costs a buck.

Here are close ups of the colors, if you're interested:

Peach Kiss
Cherry Me

This product I grabbed at the last second when my total didn't reach $10 due to the unexpected BOGO 50% off.  I would never pay the full $6.99 for a lip gloss.  But I really like it and for $2.21 I am happy to try something new!  The color is Captivating Coral and I am so excited to finally have a coral lip color! 

Each item turned out to be 68% off, which means overall was also 68% off!
Original: $23.98
I paid: $7.56 (less than the cost of the concealer I wouldn't let myself buy full price!)

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Happy Shopping!

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